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  • Is home inspection worth it?
    Home inspection for buyers can seem like an added expense but a little money spent on inspection before purchase can potentially save of thousands of dollars in future and you can also negotiate a better deal based on the findings of a licensed third party inspection. A thorough evaluation of the property against any current or upcomming issues at the cost of a few hours and a little fee is totally worth it.
  • What do home inspectors look for?
    Home inspectors look for areas such as: Foundation Structure Basement or crawl space Interior and exterior walls Siding Water heater Heating and air conditioning systems Electrical system Plumbing system and fixtures Porches and decks Attic Roof Gutters Fireplace and exterior chimney Interior and exterior doors Interior stairway components Bathrooms Kitchens
  • Is home appraisal different from home inspection?
    Home inspection is focused on property and its components. Inspection evaluates the property for structural, mechanical and construction issues that are currently present on can arise in near future. Whereas, Appraisal determines the over all condition, location and market value of the property.
  • How long an inspection take and how much would it cost?
    The time and cost depend on the size and the year the property was built but it takes about 3 to 4 hours and costs around $400 for an average property.
  • Why should I choose Skycity home inspections?
    Skycity home inspections are vastly experienced licensed professionals. We promise a thorough inspection and a detailed report that guarantees customer satisfaction. Our quick response is one of the factors that truly sets us apart.
  • What is included in the inspection report? Can I have a sample report?
    Please click here to download a sample report.
  • Which services Skycity Home Inspections provide?
    Please click here to see the list of inspection services we offer.
  • What is the response time of Skycity Home Inspections?
    We conduct most of our inspections within 24 hours. In peak season, however, it can be a little longer but quick response is one of our strongest suits.
  • How can I book an inspection?
    We are accessible across all mediums of communication. You can pick what ever works for you. For booking or a Free Quote you can : Call: 403 831 5038 Email: Fill up this form
  • How long do I have to wait for an inspection?
    We conduct most of our inspections within 24 hours. In peak season, however, it can be a little longer but our prompt response is one of our strongest suits.
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